When an access code for an Elephango Subscription is purchased from a distributor, it can be redeeded in Elephango by following the steps below:

Find the email from support@elephango.com.

Click on the link in the email to use your access code. The Elephango account creation page is displayed. If you already have an Elephango account, enter your username and password to login. Jump to the section below 'Adding an Access Code to an Existing Family Account or Student Account'

Create Your Account

The link you clicked on from your email will automaticaly redeem the access code for you. If you go to the Sign Up site https://staging.elephango.com/index.cfm/pg/signupAccessCode directly without clicking on the link in the email, you will be asked to enter your Access code to continue.

Select the option to create your account and then complete the form to add your information and one student's information. You can add additional students later if you purchased a family account. 

Your username must be unique within Elephango. If you enter an username that already exists, an error message is displayed.

Adding an Access Code to an Existing Family Account or Student Account

If you have an existing account and want to renew and add a new student to your account, login to your parent account and select Subscriptions and Payments from the dropdown next to you name in the upper right corner to display the Subscriptions screen.

Select the option to Add/Change Payment Method to redeem a new access code.

From this screen you can use an access code to renew a family account, renew a student account, or add access for a new student to an existing student account.

The Access code and the User Access Code To: filed must match. You can only renew a student account with a student access code and a family account with a family access code.