Automatic Renewal for Family Subscriptions

Families have the option to subscribe to Elephango on either a monthly or annual basis. Both subscription types are automatically renewed at the end of the subscription term, unless otherwise cancelled by the family.

Automatic Renewal

  • Subscriptions are per student or family for a prepaid one-month or full year subscription term (per your subscription plan). 
  • Your subscription will automatically renew at the end of each subscription term for another one-month or one-year term, as applicable. 
  • Upon subscribing, you agree that Elephango may automatically renew your subscription and charge your account on the anniversary of your last subscription date (the “Renewal Date”), unless you cancel your subscription prior to the Renewal Date.
  • Elephango will automatically renew your subscription each month or each year, as applicable, on the Renewal Date until you cancel your subscription or until Elephango no longer offers the subscription service.

Notice of Automatic Renewal

For those opting for a one-year subscription, you will receive an email notice approximately 10 days prior to the Renewal Date. 

The notice will notify you that your current subscription term is about to end and provide you with the Renewal Date at which your subscription will be renewed and your account charged. All notices regarding your subscription will be sent to your last email of record. 

Please keep a record of when your subscription term ends and the next Renewal Date. You are ultimately responsible for tracking your next Renewal Date and timely canceling your subscription regardless of whether you receive any notice from Elephango.

To cancel your subscription without your account being charged for the next subscription term, you must do so prior to the Renewal Date. You can learn more about cancelling your subscription by visiting our article How Do I Cancel My Account? 

To read the full terms, please read our Terms and Conditions.