Achievements are exciting motivational tools for students. Think of the Achievement page as a trophy cabinet for your student's successes. Parents have the option to view each of their student's achievements but will not see achievements for their own account. 

The Achievements page automatically records the activities of each student of Elephango. A member can earn trophies and badges based on the completion of Elephango lessons. The Achievements page records Total Number of Sessions, Total Number of Lessons, Total Number of Badges & Trophies, Run Streak Progress, and Lifetime Completed Progress

You can personalize your Achievements page! Students can update the photo on the Achievements page by clicking on the "Update Photo" button in the upper right of the photo. Encourage your student to find an image that motivates him or her to succeed! 

The Achievements that will motivate students in Elephango are:

Run Streak Progress

Virtual trophies are awarded to students logging in on consecutive days. Encourage your student to work toward multiple trophies! The #1 Day trophy is easy to earn, but setting a goal for the #10 or #15 is much more of a challenge! Weekend days are included in the Run Streak.

Lifetime Completed Awards

Virtual medals are awarded to students for completing a certain number of lessons. Encourage your student to work toward the goal of earning medals for completing multiple lessons! 

Total Number of Sessions

Total Number of Sessions calculates how many times you log into Elephango. The more you access, the more points you'll receive! (See Run Streak Progress above for consecutive days.)

Total Number of Lessons

This calculation represents the running total number of completed lessons. The more lessons you complete, the more points you earn (and the smarter you get)!

Total Number of Achievements

Total Number of Achievements represents the total number of badges and trophies collected.


Overall, members compete to top the Leaderboard through the completion of lessons and engagement in Elephango. The more you log in, the more lessons you can complete. More lessons means more logins and more points . . . it just keeps getting better!