Initial Subscription Payment

In accordance with the Elephango Terms and Conditions, the initial subscription payment is not refundable.

Renewal Payment

In accordance with the Elephango Terms and Conditions, renewal payments are also nonrefundable. 

However, in the case that a subscription payment is taken after your notice of cancellation, Elephango will refund your renewal payment provided that your notice of cancellation was received by Elephango prior to your Renewal Date. 

Upon lapse of a subscription term, triggered by a Renewal Date, your subscription payment will be applied to your current subscription term effective on the Renewal Date. 

You are ultimately responsible for tracking your next Renewal Date and timely canceling your subscription regardless of whether you receive any notice from Elephango. 

Upon cancellation, your subscription will continue until the end of the current subscription term. Any notice of cancellation received during a current subscription term will be applied to that current subscription term.

To read more about our refund policy, please visit our Terms and Conditions page.