Where is the best place to put shiny trophies and awards? A trophy cabinet! Achievements are like a trophy cabinet for all your completed lessons and badges. Every time you complete a lesson or a badge, it will be recorded on your Achievements page. But what exactly can you find there? Keep reading to find out!

Run Streak Progress

The Run Streak Progress records how many days in a row you log in and complete lessons. For example, if you log in for only one day, you will get the #1 Day trophy. That's easy-peasy! If you log in every day for 10 days in a row, you will get the #10 Day trophy. Remember, weekend days are included in the Run Streak. How many days in a row can you complete?

Lifetime Completed Awards

Lifetime Completed Awards are virtual medals that are awarded to you when you complete a certain number of lessons. The more lessons, the more medals!

Total Number of Sessions

Total Number of Sessions calculates how many times you log in to Elephango. The more you access, the more points you'll receive! 

Total Number of Lessons

The Total Number of Lessons is a record of the running total number of lessons you have completed. The more lessons you complete, the more points you earn (and the smarter you get)!

Total Number of Achievements

Total Number of Achievements represents the total number of badges and trophies you have collected.


Overall, members compete to top the Leaderboard by completing lessons on Elephango. The more you log in, the more lessons you can complete. And you know what that means-- more lessons means more logins and more points . . . it just keeps getting better!

Make sure to click the button "Claim My Points" when you finish a lesson so that your achievements can be recorded.