Now that you have your groups created, it's time to add students! So exciting!

There are two ways for educators to add students to an Elephango student group:

Adding Students from the Student Groups Section

In the Student Groups section, click Add Students.

You will now see a pop-up with a drop-down for you to select the group to which you would like to add your students.

In the pop-up window, select the group to which you would like to add students. You must create a group before you can add any students. From here, you can add existing students, or invite new students. 

Click Add Existing Students if you know the student already has an Elephango account. Unless it is their first time using Elephango with your school, students do not need to create a new account to join your group.

 You will now be prompted in the pop-up window to type the name of the student and add that student to the group. If you have already assigned students to that group, you will see the number of students assigned in the top right in blue.

To add a student who does not have an Elephango account, click Invite New Students. You will be prompted to enter the first and last name of the student, as well as the email address. To finish, click Continue. This action will send an invitation email to the address entered, with a link to join your Elephango group. This email does not contain the group code, so it is important that educators share this group code in another way. 

In accordance with COPPA, these emails are addressed to the family of the student.

Adding Students from a Group Page

If you are already in one of your groups and you want to add students to that group, simply click Add Students to Group

Upon clicking Add Students to Group, you will be prompted to choose between adding existing students and inviting new students as before. The process is the same.

Viewing Invited Students

You can see who you have invited to your group on the group page under the Students tab. If a student has not yet accepted your invitation, their status will remain pending. You can resend the invitation by clicking Resend Invite.

Note: As stated earlier, if a student already has an account with Elephango (even if it is not for your class), they do not need to create a new account. When they click on the invite link from the email they will be prompted to log in with their existing username and password. Here is what your students will see when they click the invite link: