Elephango makes it easy to implement standards-based instruction for both homeschool settings and more formal educational settings through our state and national standards search tool.

How to Find the Standards Search Tool

To find the search tool when logged out of Elephango, click Standards Search in the main navigation menu. This will take you to our public standards search page.

To use the tool on the public search page, scroll down until you see the tool.

When logged into your Elephango account, you can find the search tool at any time in the black navigation bar at the very top of the page.

How to Use the Standards Search Tool

There are two ways you can search for lessons that align to state or national standards:

To search by standards:

This will display the standards first and aligned Elephango lessons second.

  • Select state or national standards in the first drop-down
  • Select the subject
  • Select the grade level
  • Click “Advanced Options” to include a specific keyword, such as “Geometry”
  • Click “Search”

To search by content:

This will display aligned Elephango lessons first and standards associated second.

  • Select the subject in the first drop-down
  • Select the grade level
  • Select the state or national standards you are interested in
  • Click “Advanced Options” to include a specific keyword, such as "Geometry"
  • Click “Search”

From there, you can view the alignment results displayed and easily click on a lesson to assign it to students.

To request alignment documentation, please send your request to info@elephango.com.