When your subscription rolls over to the next school year, all users in your account will roll over as well. It is important to review your student body and archive users that are no longer active in Elephango to make room for new users. Below you will see some recommended steps. Login to Elephango with your admin account and select School Manager to perform these steps.

  1. Archive Graduated Students - View your students by expected graduation year for the year that just ended. Do a multi-select to select all students in that year and click on the red trash icon to archive these students. You can restore access to any student that is archived.
  2. Archive Withdrawn Students - Clean your student roster by archiving any students who have left the school. You may find it helpful to create an export of your students based on your search criteria. Click Export next to the search results on the student tab to export an Excel file of the search results.
    • Note the Export option is only available to users logged in with a School Admin account.
  3. Archive Educators - If teachers or admins are no longer active in your school, archive these accounts.
  4. Manage Groups - Your school can handle this in several ways:
    1. Delete all groups. Multi-select all groups created during the year and remove them. Educators will create new groups and provide the Group Code to their classes. Students will join the new classes. Educators will add the resources to each group.
    2. Allow Educators to clean up their groups. Provide communication to Educators to remove students from their groups in preparation for the new year. This allows Educators to use the same group code with it's resources with a new group of students.

Preparing for Next Year

  1. Renew your contract. Get your new licenses ready to go for the new school year.
  2. Review participation. Review the insights on the School Manager dashboard. What changes do you need to make in your school to build even more excitement around Elephango?