Elephango’s lessons are designed to allow parents and teachers to add a level of personalization that just isn’t possible with traditional programs. From lessons designed for skill-building to deeper dives into topics that interest them, students can access lessons across all subjects and grade levels.


Click on the Discover tab at the top of the page to see lessons that are recommended for you. Recommended lessons are based on each user’s personalization settings and learning style assessment results, as well as browsing history and favorites. Be sure to refresh the screen to see something new, because different lessons are displayed with each refresh of the Discover view. You will see recommended lessons based on ones you have viewed in the past.

Browse by Category

Scroll to the bottom of any page in Elephango to see all the different ways of searching for lessons, including Category, Grade, Learning Style, Lesson Type, and all the other features that make us unique!

The Search Results page is displayed and allows you to further refine your search using the filters on the right-hand side under the Filter Lessons column.