Equipping You for More

Finding the right Elephango lesson starts with a learning and personality style assessment and personal report filled with tips, tools, and insights for each learner. From there, we unlock incredible possibilities with learning that is tailored to what motivates and excites students.

A New Perspective

The more we know about our children and ourselves, the better we can relate to and help one another. That is why we created the Total Assessment — to help you engage on a deeper level and connect with your children. We’ve designed our assessment tool to give you insight into how each member of your family learns and communicates, in order to enrich your learning experience and lives.

Our Total Assessment Explained

  1. The Personality Assessment can help parents better understand themselves and their children in the areas of communication, problem-solving, conflict resolution, motivation, and interests. Our reports go even farther and actually compare parents to their child, giving them more insight into how they can better communicate with, interpret, and relate to their children. These principles apply inside and outside the home, and can truly enrich relationships.
  2. The Learning Style Assessment (LSA) gives parents more information about how their children learn best. This can be applied to much more than classroom education. Parents can use the results from the LSA to arm themselves with insight into how they can best relate information to their child. Also, our reports are full of ideas to spark their interest and make your homeschooling day easier.
  3. The Learning Environment Assessment tells you exactly where, when, and how your child wants to learn. You’ll feel in-the-know when you have a better understanding of the location and time your child learns best and how to set up the perfect homeschool learning environment for his or her needs.

To access the assessments, log in to Elephango, then click on Discover My Style in the upper right. You will see the message below the first time you log in:

Welcome, [name], to your Total Assessment Profile. You’ll find three assessments below that will give you more insight into your family. To take the assessments, have each family member click on the question mark and answer the questions based upon what defines them, not how they think they should be. You can always start over by clicking the . Make sure to fully complete the assessment before exiting so that your report is accurate. We know you’re going to find the insight you receive in your report so valuable and enriching!

Click on the Assessment Dashboard link to go to your Elephango Total Assessment dashboard, and follow the directions: