Many Elephango lessons include video resources. Some of these videos are created specifically for Elephango by our parent company, Bridgeway Academy. However, the majority of the videos are from outside sources.

While these videos are embedded within the Elephango lesson, they were generated externally by sites like or National Geographic, or they were posted for online consumption on YouTube.

Every single video used as a resource within Elephango has been fully vetted by a team of educators and deemed acceptable for the lesson content, subject, and grade. In addition, any resource that may include differing ideology on controversial scientific topics, such as evolution or the age of the earth, includes additional resources for the student to investigate further. Sometimes, the video is embedded with a specific start or stop time in order to concentrate on the aspects of the resource that pertain to the lesson. For these reasons, we encourage students to watch these videos as they are embedded within each lesson rather than on the original online site.

Sometimes, these videos are removed from their outside source. For example, National Geographic may update a video on volcanoes to include the recent activity in Hawaii. This may cause the embed code within an Elephango lesson to stop working. If you or your student come across a video that is not working, please click on the Resource not working? Report issue. link below the unavailable video:

A pop-up box will immediately open, asking you to report the issue. Simply explain what is not working and click Report Issue.

The lesson will be updated with a working video within 48 hours.

Unfortunately, sometimes a student is unable to view an embedded video even though it is working perfectly. This cannot be fixed by Elephango support because it is due to:

  • protection software installed on a home computer
  • protection software installed on a computer issued by a school
  • accessing Elephango via a public computer like at a library
  • user logged into a YouTube Kids account while accessing Elephango
  • user logged into a YouTube account set to Restricted Mode, as shown below

As parents, we understand the value of protection software and accounts. However, the algorithms that detect unacceptable material are not infallible. We ask that you trust our vetting process for all resources found in Elephango and consider removing YouTube’s Restricted Mode only while your student is using Elephango.

You could achieve this by having your student access Elephango on a specific browser or by creating a profile specifically for Elephango usage. Visit YouTube Help’s Disable or enable Restricted Mode for more information. If you are using a different parental control or have further questions, please contact our support team. We are always here to help make your experiences with Elephango amazing opportunities to learn!