See this related article about creating Elephango groups.

To invite students by email, click on Student Groups from the Educator Manager. Click on the student icon to invite students to the group.

The Student List is displayed. From this pop-up, select the option to Add Students. You can also view the list of students who have been invited and resend invitations by selecting View Invite List.

Select the option to Invite New Students. You can also search for and add existing students to this group by selecting Add Existing Students.

Enter First Name, Last Name, Email Address of each student you wish to invite. Enter each student on a separate line. Click Continue to invite students.

Review the list and select Confirm & Send Invites to invite students.

Each student will receive an email with a custom link to create their account using the name and email you sent. The students will create their own username and password when creating the accounts. Once the account is created, the student will be added to the invited group and will see this group by clicking on the Favorites on any Elephango view.

Note: If a student already has an account, when they click on the invite link from the email they will be prompted to log in with their existing username and password. After logging in, they will see the new group in their favorites tab. 

Educators can also add students to a group manually in the educator login or provide the student with the group code. Students can add themselves to a group in the student login by clicking on the link at the top navigation bar.

NOTE: Each email link can only be used one time. If a student tries to create another account or login with a different account to add the group to their account, an error message is displayed informing them that the link is not valid or has already been used.