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From the Educator Manager dashboard, select Student Groups.

Select the option to ADD GROUP and give your group a name. After entering your group name, make note of the created Group Access Code.

Provide instructions to your students on how to create their own Elephango account using the provided Group Access Code.

Instructions for your students:

  • Go to and click the SIGN UP button found on the top right of the webpage, then select “Students.”
  • When asked, use the Group Access Code: CNGN7.

If your students already have an Elephango account, they can join the group by entering the Group Access Code, following these instructions:

  • Log in to Elephango.
  • Click on “Add Group Access Code” in the top navigation bar.
  • Enter the access code provided by your teacher.
  • Students will see the groups they belong to under the favorites tab.


Additional methods for adding students to a group:

From the Educator Manager dashboard, choose a student from the list of available students in the school. Click the pencil tool to edit the student. Add student to a group.